Ten great Spanish films you need to watch now

As Spain looks forward to its biggest film award show of the year, The Local counts down Spain's greatest ever movies.

The Goyas – Spain's version of the Oscars – are a glittering night celebrating a year in the Spanish film industry and will take place on Saturday, February 3rd, in Madrid.

The best Spanish films of all time

This year marks the 32nd edition of the awards, handed out by the Spanish Academy of Film Arts and Sciences and the star studded event will take place at the Madrid Marriott Auditorium Hotel.

Spain has a rich cinematic history, and from the surrealism of Luis Buñuel to the melodrama of Pedro Almodóvar, the country has produced some of the world's most iconic film directors, many of whom have gone on to successful international careers.

Here's The Local's pick of the best films to come out of Spain.

Screen shot from Talk to Her. Photo: ryy79/YouTube

The best Spanish films of all time

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