Man knocked out cold by angry alligator

The feisty reptile was being lifted into a vehicle when it headbutted an animal catcher in a last-ditch attempt for freedom.

Video: Alligator headbutts animal catcher

An alligator made a last-ditch attempt for freedom by headbutting a captor in Florida, knocking him out cold.

The feisty gator, which was tied up at the time, was being lifted into the back of a vehicle to be driven away.

It took three men to hoist the 2m (8ft) animal into the back of the pick-up truck.

As the reptile was almost securely stowed away, it suddenly lashed out.

It took three men to lift the 2m long alligator into the back of the vehicle
Image: It took three men to lift the 2m alligator into the back of the vehicle

It headbutted one of the animal catchers and knocked him out cold – sending his sunglasses flying off his head in the process.

The alligator was eventually taken away.

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Neighbours say the alligator was walking through front yards before trappers arrived.

The condition of the man who was knocked out by the alligator is unknown.

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