Jesse Lingard trolls England teammate Marcus Rashford over Neymar conversation

Jesse Lingard trolls England teammate Marcus Rashford over Neymar conversation
Neymar and Rashford spoke briefly when Brazil visited Wembley (Picture: FATV)

Jesse Lingard has mocked his England and Manchester United teammate Marcus Rashford for discussing the weather with Neymar when they met last November.

The two players were pictured having a brief exchange in the Wembley tunnel prior to a friendly between the Three Lions and Brazil at the end of last year, which ended in a 0-0 draw.

Rashford could just about be heard engaging in small talk with the Selecao star, who was not enjoying the cold London weather.

What Neymar & Rashford said to each other

Neymar: [Are you] good?

Rashford: Yeah.

Rashford: How long have you been here? How long [before] youre leaving?

Neymar: Tomorrow…

Rashford: You go?

Neymar: Yeah.

Rashford: Its cold!

Neymar: Today is…

Rashford: Its not so bad today. Usually its…

Neymar: I dont like the cold.

Rashford [laughs]: Its not for you, eh?

Neymar [laughs]: No, its so cold!

Their meeting came up in a quiz on Englands YouTube channel as the two teammates answered questions about each other, and Lingard could not believe Rashford had brought up such a boring topic.

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Lingard read out the question: What did Marcus and Neymar talk about in the tunnel at Wembley? The beautiful weather, the London nightlife – which he knows nothing about – or the Nike boots.

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Im going to go for C, the Nike boots.

As Rashford prepared to reveal all, Lingard caught a flash of his card with the answer written on it and immediately stood up in disbelief: Do not even! No, no, no, no, no. The weather?! The weather? The weather?!

He then mocked his teammate as Rashford protested, continuing: “You alright Neymar, yeah its sunny isnt it? Yo Neymar you good yeah? Its sunny innit?”

No, I am not having that. I am not having that whatsoever.

Rashford – who suggested they had discussed other things beyond the weather when not in the tunnel – ultimately won the quiz against Lingard by one single point.

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