Man dragged out of Trump-Putin news conference

A man has been dragged out of the Trump-Putin news conference, moments before the leaders were due to speak.

Footage from the news conference showed the man holding up a piece of paper with the words "nuclear weapon ban treaty" written on it before what appeared to be a security guard grabbed and struggled with the man.

In the clip, the apparent security guard, who was wearing an ear-piece, tries to grab the paper off the grey-haired man before taking him away.

Image: The man being removed from the news conference

Three other men – also wearing ear-pieces – escort the man away as the world's media take pictures and film the incident unfolding before them.

According to the Associated Press news agency, a US Secret Service agent spoke to the unidentified man before Finnish security removed the man.

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The man escorted away, who was sitting among US news media, is said to have told journalists in the room he was a reporter from American magazine The Nation.

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