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Computer master: ‘Scrubs’ actor baffled at why his face is used to sell IT repairs in Ukraine

Hollywood actor Zach Braff is apparently also a computer repairman who can clean up viruses and hook up printers at low, low prices, at least according to a Russian-language flyer he posted on Twitter in puzzlement.

“Guys, what am I selling now?!” Braff tweeted on Wednesday, interrupting his stream of #Resistance-related posts to show a grainy photo of a flyer in Cyrillic showing his face.

One of his followers offered a “helpful” machine translation, revealing him as a “computer master” operating “subspecies in any convenient for you time” and proclaiming “at you hung computer”!

Another Twitter user responded with a photo of a tree to which the flyer was pinned.

The actor doesnt have any cause to panic about this obvious and conclusive proof of his Russian hacking skills, however. The flyer may be in Russian, but the phone exchange listed on the flyer, as well as others on the tree, place it in Kiev, Ukraine. For the Russia-fighting squad they are the “good guys,” supplied with cookies by the State Department and anti-tank missiles by the Pentagon.

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It isnt the first time Braffs face has been used to advertise products and services overseas. Last September, he posted pictures of another computer repair flyer –erroneously placing it “in Russia” (it was also in Kiev)– and an actual commercial poster advertising “male virility,” this time actually in Moscow.

While the actors image was improperly used in both instances, the potency poster at least used a promotional photo from Braffs hit sitcom Scrubs (2001-2010), showing his character Dr. John “JD” Dorian in the eponymous outfit.

He is not the only Hollywood celeb whose likeness has been used in advertising on the Wild East frontier: His Scrubs nemesis Neil Flynn, aka The Janitor, was also featured on a Russian ad for custodial services, while the visage of Game of Thrones Emilia Clarke (with her platinum Daenerys Targaryen hair, no less) hawked handbags.

However, nothing quite beats Leonardo DiCaprio advertising a farming school in Ukraines Chernigov region.

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