Community host soup kitchen for Homelessness Week

Nyngans Mission Australia and the Community Hub have cooked up pumpkin and chicken noodle soup and offered a listening ear as part of national Homelessness Week.

Celebrated from August 6 to 12, Homelessness Week helps to raise awareness of the issues and its impacts.


Mission Australias Lorraine Wales said they decided to host the soup kitchen to “do something with the community” and to raise awareness of what support and services are available.

“Homeless doesnt just mean home-less, but are at risk of being homeless and having a hard time,” Ms Wales said.

A report released by Mission Australia last week revealed that one in six young people across the country had experienced homelessness in some form.

Mission Australia CEO James Toomey said the Young Peoples Experiences of Homelessness Report not only gives an insight into the scale of youth homelessness in Australia, but also an understanding of who these young people are the impacts they face.

“Ultimately it should serve as a stark reminder to us all that we must take action,” Mr Toomey said.

“To do nothing risks creating a generation of young people who carry the mental and physical scars of homelessness into their adult lives.”

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