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Theres going to be a blimp of Sadiq Khan in a bikini over London – the only 16 reactions you need to read

Having complained that the blimp of Donald Trump that flew during the Presidents official UK visit somehow impinged on peoples free speech – yeah, we dont know, either – self-styled free-speech advocate, Yanny Bruere has crowd-funded a giant blimp of London Mayor Sadiq Khan to be flown above the city this weekend.

The inflatable will be “dressed” in a yellow bikini, in a nod to an advertising campaign asking if women were beach-body ready, which was banned from the London Underground. This is how it looks.

And this is the invitation to the event, shared via Facebook.

The blimp will have had to receive authorisation from Sadiq Khan.

By approving the blimp of himself, hasnt Sadiq Khan instantly won the argument?

— Tretsy Botwood (@JimothyBoston) August 30, 2018

These 16 reactions are just about perfect.


That Sadiq Khan balloon is like calling someone a dickhead and them replying, "yeah, well… YOU'RE a dickhead."

— heartbeeps (@hrtbps) August 30, 2018


I LOVE that to fly the blimp of Sadiq Khan in a bikini, they needed the permission of Sadiq Khan in his suit. Cancel your tantrums lads, dad said yes.

— jennylandreth (@jennylandreth) August 30, 2018


Sadiq Khan on the balloon blimp of him which has been crowdfunded by far-right activists:

"If people want to spend their Saturday looking at me in a yellow bikini theyre welcome to do so – I dont really think yellows my colour though."

— Adam Bienkov (@AdamBienkov) August 30, 2018


The rabid right: "There's nothing funny about a 20-foot blimp of Trump having a tantrum over London" [There was]

Takes six weeks to copy the joke and make a Sadiq Khan blimp.

Absolute losers

— Will Black (@WillBlackWriter) August 30, 2018


To the people behind the cute Sadiq Khan in a pretty sexy yellow bikini blimp: fill your boots, hope you have a fun day, sorry youre not going to get the offence you crave though! ?

— Owen Jones? (@OwenJones84) August 30, 2018


We've had Trump, we are going to have Sadiq Khan so next it has has has to be Farage.

— Scene & Heard (@SaHreports) August 30, 2018


Id forgotten what a blimp even is. Think in this case revenge would have been a dish best served hot.

— Shaparak Khorsandi (@ShappiKhorsandi) August 30, 2018

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