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Norwegian hunter faces trial for shooting 75-year-old jogger in southern Sweden

Warning: the article contains a non-graphic video of the jogger, who survived, being hit. File photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

Police in Sweden have released a video recorded by the electronic sights of the hunter who shot a 75-year-old jogger last November.

Olle Rosdahl was having an early morning run in countryside outside his home in Klippan, Skåne, at 4.30am when he suddenly received a bullet in his hip.

"I heard a blast and fell to the ground. I was shrieking 'What the hell kind of shooting is that'," Rosdahl told Swedish broadcaster SVT after it happened.

A 48-year-old Norwegian man was held for the shooting later the same day, but it was initially believed the shooting was accidental. But after looking at the recordings saved by his phone, the prosecutor charged him with attempted murder.

A video of the incident, released by police. Video: via GIPHY

The video shows the man slowly take aim at a dark figure, who buckles as the shot hits.

"The evidence to large extent consists of the film which shows what he was shooting at," Ola Lavie, the prosecutor in the case, told Swedish state broadcaster SVT.

"If you look at the film, for me it is obvious that he is shooting a human being. I believe that from the film it's clear that this is an intentional shooting."

The hunter is denying the charg