Spanish Word of the Day: ‘Remedio’

Today's word of the day is "remedio" and means solution or remedy.

It's quite commonly used in Spanish so let's take a look at some example sentences.

  • El ayuntamiento intentó poner remedio al problema de contaminación en la ciudad.

The council tried to find a solution to the pollution problem in the city.

  • Se ha tratado de poner remedio al problema de desempleo con medidas que fomentan la creación de nuevas empresas.

They've tried to solve the unemployment issue by promoting the creation of new businesses

A homemade remedy or cure when talking about medicine and sickness:

  • Mi abuela tiene un remedio casero para la tos.

My grandmother has a homemade remedy for the cough.

  • En ocasiones es difícil tomar una decisión ya que a veces el remedio puede ser peor que la enfermedad.

Sometimes it's difficult to make a decision as the cure could be worse than the disease.

It also means to have no choice but to do something

  • La reparación del coche fue bastante cara pero no tuvimos otro remedio.

Fixing the car was quite expensive but we had no other choice.



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