Ten potential Spanish filming locations for the upcoming Game of Thrones prequel

Tens of thousands of Game of Thrones fans in Spain stayed up until the early hours of Monday morning to watch the premiere of season 8, the final six episodes of a series that has marked a generation with its dragons, white walkers and, above all, enthralling storytelling.

Spanish GoT fans have every reason to feel a special connection with the fantasy drama series. Ten locations across Spain have been used in the past few seasons as settings for epic scenes depicting Dorne, Dragonstone, Kings Landing and other mythical places in breath-taking fashion.

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Thousands of Spaniards can also proudly tell their grandchildren one day that they were once extras on Game of Thrones, despite having to endure frenzied queuing and rigorous tattoo testing.

So its logical that with the end so near, Juego de Tronos fans (of course they had to translate the title) are a bit upset by the prospect of a world without dragons to tune into.

However, as mentioned in the teaser, there is almost definitely going to be a prequel to Game of Thrones.

A number of US entertainment publications have reported that HBO has already placed an order and assigned a new director for a Game of Thrones pilot prequel, with a completely new storyline and characters, set 1,000 years before the Seven Kingdoms world fans know so well.

Not only is that a huge relief for Thronees who were worried about how theyd get their next fix, it also means Spain can continue being the setting of Game of Thrones for years to come.

If theres anything that the previous film locations have exemplified is just how varied Spain is, the architecture and landscapes from north, south, east and west all offering their own picturesque idiosyncrasies that bring to life George R.R. Martins creation.

And there are plenty more places in Spain that can offer uniqueness and beauty.

Here are ten new locations in Spain HBO producers should consider for The Game of Thrones Prequel:

1. Cádiz

In a Game of Thrones context, the southern Spanish city of Cádiz looks just like the kind of place Daenerys Targaryens ancestors would wage dragon war on.

Photo: El Chico Gris/Flickr

2. Majorca's Drach Caves

With their unique stalactites and turquoise waters, Majorca's Dragon Caves offer a mystical underground setting for many future Game of Thrones episodes.

Photo: Shutterstock

3. Covadonga lakes, Asturias

Picture White Walkers rushing across the icy waters of these glacier lakes in northern Spain. This location in Picos de Europa (Asturias) would be ideal for any scene set at The Wall.

Ando S/Flickr

4. Cangas de Onis, Asturias

Game of Thrones producers have chosen Northern Ireland in the past to portray the mistier, greener parts of the 7 Kingdoms, from Winterfell to Dragonstone. But how about old medieval villages in rainy northern Spain such as Cangas de Onis?

Photo: Javier S&M/Flickr

5. Castro de Baroña, Galicia

Dating back from the 1st century BC, the Celtic settlement of Castro de Baroña in Spain's northern region of Galicia offers the right look for scenes set in the Iron Islands involving House Greyjoy.

6. La Alhambra, Granada

Although HBO have finally decided to use Seville to portray the unknown kingdom of Dorne, the Alhambra Palace in neighbouring Granada has plenty to offer as well. A Unesco world heritage site, this gobsmackingly beautiful 9th century palace is the most well known symbol of Spain's Islamic past.

7. Charco de los Clicos, Lanzarote

Although this unusual location resembles none of those previously seen on GoT, it certainly looks like a suitable home for Targaryen dragons. Charco de los Clicos on the Canary Island of Lanzarote offers something special wRead More – Source

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