Robinson slams talk that Roosters are unhappy with Mitchell

Sydney Roosters coach Trent Robinson has labelled talk the premiers are unhappy with Latrell Mitchell as "a load of crap" and tipped the centre to bounce back when he returns from a trip home to spend time with family in Taree.

Robinson confirmed Mitchell would miss the game against Penrith on Sunday afternoon, but James Tedesco would play and Angus Crichton was on standby for Boyd Cordner if he failed to recover.

The coach added Luke Keary was recovering well from his latest concussion and was likely to return in six weeks, which could be round 17 against North Queensland.

Down, but not out: Roosters coach Trent Robinson says Latrell Mitchell will bounce back from his Origin I shocker.

Down, but not out: Roosters coach Trent Robinson says Latrell Mitchell will bounce back from his Origin I shocker.Credit:NRL Photos

Mitchell came under fire for his quiet game against Queensland on Wednesday night before there was further confusion about him driving back to Taree on Thursday rather than flying back with the Blues to Sydney.


NSW coach Brad Fittler then said the Roosters had not been entirely happy with their powerhouse centre and he needed to find his motivation again.

Robinson and Fittler have been friends more than 20 years and while there is no issue between the pair, Robinson wanted it known Mitchell had the full backing of the Bondi club.

"I've spoken to Freddy about those comments," Robinson said. "There were 17 guys in that [Origin] team who played the other night, we need to remember that, and to isolate [him] is not how it should be.

"The guy is 21. Nobody peaks until they're around 24 or 25. The guy has peaked at a pretty young age. He's won a lot of games, played in some big moments, right from the young age of 17 when he walked into the Roosters, right through until now. And he'll continue to do it.

Crucial moment: Latrell Mitchell is sin-binned in Origin I.

Crucial moment: Latrell Mitchell is sin-binned in Origin I.Credit:NRL Photos

"There's been a bit of talk about how we've felt about it, too, but pardon the French, it's a load of crap.

"As a coach, you can't sit there and applaud everything he's done for us, then he has a couple of down games and all of a sudden you're unhappy with him. C'mon, you need to support people in both times, and that's what we'll do with Latrell.

"He's a big-game player. He delivers for us, and he's working out as a 21-year-old the consistency that's needed.

"Latrell is not walking around smiling about how it's gone the last couple of weeks. But I can tell you there is a fire burning to want to get it done. He needed this weekend off and will get ready to go again."

Robinson said it was always the plan to give two of the four Blues players this weekend off and once Tedesco had come through unscathed, MitcRead More – Source

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