Dominican police say ex-Red Sox star David Ortiz shot in back

David Ortiz, a three-time World Series champion during his career with the Boston Red Sox, was shot in the back on Monday (AEST) in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, national police told CNN.

Dominican National Police spokesman Felix Duran Mejia said the incident occurred at the Dial Discotheque in Santo Domingo. Multiple media outlets reported Ortiz was undergoing surgery on Monday (AEST).

Red Sox legend David Ortiz during his playing days in Boston.

Red Sox legend David Ortiz during his playing days in Boston.Credit:AP

Initial reports indicated the wound was to Ortiz's leg, but Dominican sports writer Dionisio Soldevila tweeted, translated from Spanish, "The doctor in emergency says that David Ortiz said 'please do not let me die, I am a good man.' Shot between the left side of the lower back and left through the abdomen"

Ortiz's father, Enrique (Leo) Ortiz, told ESPN's Enrique Rojas, "David is injured and that they took him to a medical centre, but they did not tell me how he is or exactly where he was transferred."


According to CDN 37, a news station in the Dominican Republic, an arrest was made of at least one suspect in the shooting and Ortiz was taken to a local medical facility in nearby Santo Domingo, where the 43-year-old former slugger was born.

Red Sox spokesperson Kevin Gregg told MassLive the team was not aware of the incident upon being contacted.

Ortiz ended his 20-year big league career in 2016, when he earned the last of his 10 All-Star appearances. The former designated hitter and first baseman won seven Silver Slugger awards in his career, and hit 541 home runs with 1768 RBIs in 2408 games in the majors. HRead More – Source

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