Cherry picker: Man robs top Russian basketball teams locker room (VIDEO)

Players of Russian basketball club Khimki became victims of a robbery after an unknown person stole their personal belongings from a locker room during the VTB United League final against CSKA.

The shocking incident took place on Monday when the two teams played their third match of the finals series in Khimki, Moscow region.

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CCTV footage showed a young man easily entering the Khimki players locker room soon after the match began. The intruder fearlessly started inspecting each locker attempting to find valuable possessions left by the players.

Having spent several minutes in the locker room, the thief disappeared carrying a weighty bag, containing the pillage, on his shoulder.

The man reportedly tried to get into CSKAs locker room, however, the teams staff members were present and prevented a potential robbery there.

It remains unknown how the thief managed to avoid multiple security posts on his way to the teams locker rooms, but an entrance pass which was hanging around his neck might indicate that he was eRead More – Source

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