Fortnite Horde Rush Challenges, Rewards and leaked Fiend Wrap coming in 9.21 Update

Fortnite 9.21 Update is now live and as fans may have spotted from the new Patch Notes, Horde Rush LTM is set to arrive in the Battle Royale mode very soon.

Epic Games say this should go live on June 13th, and have detailed the mode with the following description in the patch notes:

Horde Rush

Fortnite Fiends are back on the island and angrier than ever! Fight alongside your teammates to rack up your score by finding hidden score multipliers, opening special loot chests, and eliminating as many monsters as you can. Traverse across the map, survive all of the Defend locations and take down the Final Boss to win!

Mode Details

  • Four player Squad mode divided up into multiple stages.
  • Prepare to defend an area by searching for weapons & items, scavenging materials, and building defenses.
  • Rack up points by fighting Fiends, collecting score multipliers, and destroying Fiend Spawners.
  • Recover from the battle and search for more equipment.
  • Travel across the map to the next defense point.
  • Respawning is enabled until the last stage when players have to destroy a Boss Fiend and his horde of minions.
  • Keep an eye out for special loot chests, which contain powerful weapons & provide a scoring bonus.

As part of this new mode there is (naturally) a whole bunch of new challenges available for fans to approach with some (alright) rewards on offer for completing the challenges.

There's also a new wrap, called the Fiend Wrap, if you manage to complete any seven of these challenges. You can see the wrap below.

Keep reading for the full list of challenges and a look at what the Wrap looks like when applied to weapons and vehicles in-game.


The new Horde Rush LTM challenges and rewards can be found below: