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Storm Area 51 Festival Cancelled Over Fears Of Fyre Festival 2.0

Storm Area 51 Festival Cancelled Over Fears Of Fyre Festival 2.0Wikimedia/Matte Projects/Fyre Festival

Forget Trump, forget Brexit, forget the impending doom of climate change, the story which has really gripped us all this year is Storm Area 51.

Set up as a joke on Facebook to see dem aliens, the idea that if enough people descended on the top secret US military base theyll have to admit there are aliens there caught not just Americas imagination but the entire world (or those on social media at least).

Soon enough, hotels, hostels and B&Bs in the Nevada region were all booked up for later this month, and the joke was spiralling out of hand. The creator of the Facebook event even had the FBI turn up at his door.

800,000 People Sign Up To Storm Area 51 With Unbelievable PlanJackson Barnes/Facebook

Eventually, people realised raiding a US military base, which is under constant armed guard, probably wasnt a good idea.

Instead, a festival of sorts was organised to appease those who were intent on travelling to the area all for a joke that got out of hand on social media. So, the organisers of Facebook meme page Storm Area 51 floated the idea of AlienStock, planned for the same weekend, but instead of Naruto running towards the military base, thered be music, food, drink, and a celebration of all things alien.

However, anyone planning a festival these days will know what can also go wrong thanks to the infamous case of Fyre Festival. In case you missed it, Fyre was advertised as a luxury music festival, marketed at influencers and socialites who could afford the hefty ticket price.

Organised by Ja Rule and Billy McFarland, Fyre was planned to take place on an island in the Bahamas, but thanks to a lack of planning and organisation, and a whole load of believing their own bullshit, it turned in a humanitarian disaster with the facilities compared to a refugee camp.

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Sensibly wanting to avoid a Fyre Festival scenario, in case thousands of people do actually turn up to the Nevada desert, Read More – Source