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Ariana Grande Posted A Photo Wearing Crocs And Socks And People Love It

Ariana Grande crocs and socksarianagrande/Instagram

If you were in high school circa 2005, youll most likely be aware that nothing – and I mean nothing – was less cool than wearing Crocs.

Trust me, I know. Imagine a 13-year-old me, innocently telling my mates about these brand new shoes my mum had bought me, only to be met with squeals of laughter when they realised which shoes I was talking about.

Needless to say, my Crocs never got worn. RIP. Not to worry though, because it seems they might be making a comeback thanks to Ariana Grande and her dedication to the Crocs cause.

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Thats right, Ariana Grande – Grammy Award-winning, all-round inspiring goddess – has posted a picture of herself wearing Crocs and socks, and people are all here for it.

Just to make it clear: its not as though Ariana, 26, was papped wearing Crocs as she made her way to the corner shop – trackies on and hair shoved on top of her head – giving the impression shed just grabbed the first things she saw and put them on her feet.

No, the iconic singer posed for a picture – hair and makeup done to perfection – and then posted it to her own personal social media account for all of her 164 million followers to see. Which must mean she actually likes the shoes. Bizarre.

Take a look below if you dont believe me:

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wanderin n wonderin 🍂

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Two things: 1. How is it fair that she can wear Crocs and socks – potentially the most despised combination in fashion – and somehow manage to pull it off? And 2. Has she started a new trend?

If the comments on her Instagram post are anything to go by, she might just have, as pretty much every single person in her comments section mentioned the Crocs. Not only that, but instead of slating her for wearing the abomination that is the Croc, they actually praised her.

While one person said they were 100 per cent here for it, another said: watch every girl start buying crocs now. Which is fair – you only have to look at Regina George in Mean Girls to know these trends can catch on pretty quickly.

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