Fertoz directors buy more shares through placement participation

Fertoz Ltd (ASX:FTZ) directors James Chisholm and Stuart Richardson have increased their shareholding in the company by participating in a share purchase plan.

Chisholm acquired 1.125 million shares for $90,000 and Richardson bought 375,000 shares for $30,000.

Quarterly update and 2020 outlook

Fertoz executive chairman Patrick Avery recently stated: “We are pleased to advise that our December quarter was a significant one for the company in securing our future.

“We identified and secured more phosphate rock in Montana that provides us sufficient material to meet expected orders over the next two to three years.

“We found more in our Marten project on both sides of the border, and as shareholders would recall, this is shallow phosphate with much easier logistical and potential mining conditions and much closer to transport than our Wapiti project.

“Our push to dominate the organic phosphate market on the west coast of the USA and the Canadian Prairies continRead More – Source