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Dep. Commissioner Condemns Victoria Police Officer After Stomping Incident

The Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner of Capability Neil Paterson has condemned the actions of two officers who used excessive force, during an arrest in Epping, Melbourne.

Paterson, in a press conference on Sept. 15 said: “I form the view that its an inappropriate use of force by a police member in regard to the kick or stomp to the head of the man involved in that incident.”

He added that the use of force while using a police vehicle in that same incident was concerning.

Following the incident on Sept. 13, a senior constable from the Critical Incident Response Team was suspended with pay after footage from bypassers showed him use force with his foot while the suspect identified as Timothy Atkins was on the ground.

“Using a kicking action or any action against the head of a person is not trained by Victoria Police. That is outside of our accepted training,” Paterson said. He added officers are not trained to use the car in the manner it was either.

The police officer driving the vehicle has also had their license to drive police vehicles revoked but has not been suspended he noted. The actions of both police officers are under criminal investigation.

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Victorias Independent Broad-Based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) has launched their own investigation to the incident at Epping.

IBAC Commissioner, Robert Redlich said in a media statement, “The community is rightfully concerned if someone is injured during an interaction with police.”

“Given the potentially serious nature of this incident, IBAC has determined it is in the public interest to independently investigate this matter.”

Paterson noted in the press briefing that Victoria Police would provide IBAC with all information they need to conduct their investigation.

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