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How to wear fur shoes elegantly?



The Fall Winter 2022/2023 collections were the culprits, shoes with fur were the designers’ favorite and the trend quickly conquered the streets too. At Loewe and its hybrid version of sandal-sneakers entirely covered in faux fur, Fendi and its acid green pony skin pumps, Off White and its lilac sandals, Jil Sander and its shearling décolletées, the fur passion seems to have also infected the world of shoes wear and how can you blame him, after seeing the spotted mules by Acne Studios. Shoes with fur are liked because they are extremely fun; numerous models to choose from, and endless combination possibilities, between urban chic and city glamor looks. Here are four elegant pairings selected by Harper’s Bazaarto copy.

  • Lucky green is the favorite green of the 2023 runways. Shoes with fur are a bold choice, might as well choose them in an eye-catching shade. To be combined with baggy jeans, a dark gray coat and a green sweater.
  • In contemplation and exaltation of black, fur shoes become the fun accessory of a highly chic look. Transparent top and skirt that draws the silhouette, black bag and black glasses, nothing more elegant.
  • Shoes with fur are a fashion inspiration in 2023. They are combined with a dark green dress with important sleeves and a floral pattern shirt. Definitely a trend of the year.
  • A little city chic, a little boho, fur shoes for 2023 become an everyday passe-partout, especially if worn with looks with a monochromatic soul. White with touches of color and a very thin scarf, a real winter gem.

This article was originally published on Harper’s Bazaar Italy

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Zara dresses trend 2023: Best of Zara dresses for the coming months



When a new season begins, there’s nothing better than a bit of healthy shopping to experiment with fabulous new looks. With these Zara dresses the next months of the year will be very stylish. Even if winter still seems very long to us, the desire to peek into the new fashion collections and get an idea of ​​what we’ll be wearing in the coming months is always at the highest levels, isn’t it ?

Well, Zara, the Spanish fast fashion giant, lends us a hand with the new collection section, chock-full of cool new arrivals that always make us crazily want to collect them all but calm down, we want to proceed in order and not get caught up in compulsive shopping. That’s why today we focused on dresses and little dresses, selecting for you 10 which, in our opinion, you should take into consideration in order to build many, many fabulous looks between now and beyond.

No, we are not talking about just any clothes but about variants that are perfectly in line with the spring summer 2023 trends. The satin mini dress will make you look great both with thick tights (even now), and with bare legs (as soon as the temperatures allow). Or the inevitable knit dress, perhaps declined in a striped print for a truly irresistible touch.

From the super chic black velvet dress with built-in belt, to the animalier midi dress, another most wanted pattern for the next hot season and yet the strapless dress in faux leather bold to the point or the long dress, very chaste on the front but with a maxi sexy porthole on the back, perfect even for the most glamorous evenings.

In short, we have collected and listed down below our favorites here:

Satin minidress with ZARA flower print

Midi dress in tulle with sequin embroidery

ZARA striped knit long dress

ZARA slit lingerie dress

Short gathered dress

Velvet minidress with ZARA belt

ZARA backless silk longdress

ZARA animal print midi dress

Crossover dress with fringe on the bottom ZARA

ZARA strapless faux leather midi dress

ZARA printed tulle midi dress

This article was originally published on Grazia

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How to wear good makeup: 10 tips that will change your life



If you love make-up but sometimes create messes, know that it’s completely normal, even the most famous make-up artists sometimes make mistakes and create wonders from those “disasters”, or simply use make-up remover and get back to work. Therefore, to transform small daily “disasters” into professional marvels, bearing in mind that the possibility of removing make-up and trying again exists, and it is also very fun – rely on these 10 tips to have no more secrets.

A single concealer is not enough to cover dark circles

Choose an orange concealer and dab it only on the darkest and sunken area of ​​the dark circle. Use another of your skin color for the rest of the area. For a brighter and more awake effect, apply an illuminating concealer with a yellow undertone creating “triangles” under the eyes. Remember to blend well and consider soft backing to set your makeup. What is it about? A light, transparent or light and yellowish face powder. This should guarantee a smoothing effect and maximum hold of the make-up in the eye contour area.

Apply powder only where needed

If you have dry, normal or combination skin, you don’t need to apply powder all over your face. In fact, this product tends to dry out the skin, risking creating a chalky effect. Therefore, if your skin is not particularly oily, concentrate only on the T -zone  (which includes the chin, nose and forehead) to keep lucidity at bay. On the rest of the face, the foundation alone will suffice.

When it comes to eyebrows, perfection doesn’t exist

Someone, to explain how to do good makeup, said “Your eyebrows are sisters, not twins” and he was absolutely right. Don’t insist on creating perfectly symmetrical arches, the effect will be unnatural and unharmonious. Instead, prefer a soft look, both in terms of “setting” and eyebrow styling. In this way your gaze will be in the foreground.

For “perfect” eye makeup always apply the primer

Does the eyeshadow always creep into the eyelid creases, even if yours aren’t very accentuated? It happens when you don’t apply primer. Choose it in your skin color if you prefer a natural effect, or opt for the pearly proposals if you like bright or colored make-up for smokeys. Spread a very small amount with your fingertips (the warmth of your fingers makes the product adhere better) and “pull” the product well to have perfect eye makeup all day long.

To avoid getting dirty with mascara, look down

Do you always get your eyelids dirty when you apply mascara? Try looking down! Prefer a tilting mirror and position it at an angle below you “forcing” yourself to look downwards, then proceed with the application (slowly, otherwise it will be useless!) for a flawless and clean effect.

To apply blush in the right place, just smile

Every face shape should be made up in a “personalized” way. An infallible way to apply blush correctly is to smile looking straight ahead, toward the mirror. The small bumps that will appear on your face (what the Americans call “the apples of the cheeks”) are the perfect and exact point for you, the one where to lightly blend the blush to give you a healthy and radiant effect.

A finger is enough to prevent lipstick from getting on your teeth

Do you like creamy and bright lipsticks but are you constantly afraid that they will end up on your teeth? First of all, don’t go overboard with the application, a thin coat will do just fine. Secondly, insert your index finger in your mouth and slide it out, letting it adhere to the internal lip mucosa, the finger will drag away the excess lipstick.

For an eye lifting effect, try a light pencil

To create an optical eyebrow lifting effect and consequently make the look fresher and younger, try blending a light pencil under the eyebrow arch. Blend the creamy flesh-colored texture well with your eyeshadow to create a pleasant shade. You won’t believe your eyes! The light pencil can also be blended in the inner corner of the eye to open up the gaze but also in the internal rhyme: the eyes will be optically larger and “awake”.

Make your lips voluminous with a pearly eyeshadow

To make your lips plump, apply your usual lipstick, preferably matte and satiny in this case, and then lightly dab a matching pearly eyeshadow or, even better, white or gold in the center of your lips. A small touch is enough to create a 3D effect that can make a difference. Similarly, you can use the pearly eyeshadow to illuminate the cupid’s bow, the bridge of the nose and the top of the cheekbones to obtain a glow effect in perfect harmony.

Set your makeup with cold water

To make your make-up last all day, don’t forget to fix it before leaving the house. To do this you can choose specific products or simple water, preferably cold. Vaporize it on the face to ensure that the make- up lasts optimally throughout the day.

This article was originally published on Grazia

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The best eyelash serums to try this 2023



It requires patience when it comes to longer, stronger, fuller and more resistant lashes, there is no better solution than to wait. In the Harper’s Bazaar gallery you can discover the eyelash serums that will make this process faster and more intense, beauty products to be applied consistently morning and evening to obtain a satisfactory result. A well-groomed and attentive skincare routine cannot forget an excellent eyelash serum, a revolutionary product that gives volume and deepens the look. Innovative formulas, light and imperceptible textures, practical and effective brushes are the secret to a miraculous eyelash serum. here are the five best mixes for dream eyelashes.


Made with natural active ingredients, this eyelash thickening serum stimulates the natural growth of your eyelashes, as well as hydrating, nourishing and strengthening them. The gel product is applied morning and evening to the base of the eyelashes.


An incredible active formula, designed to give new vitality to lashes. Forty-one serum dries quickly without sticking and gives a pleasant sensation of soft and hydrated eyelashes.


Eleven key ingredients characterize the lightly textured eyelash serum. Nourishes thanks to the four peptide technologies, for a denser and healthier look, a must-have to always have with you and apply twice a day.


Volumizing, lengthening, and strengthening, one of the best eyelash serums is that of Rapidlash. The complex of peptides, biotin, amino acids and panthenol, together with soybean oil and pumpkin seed extracts, work to nourish and protect.


Orphica’s treatment promises stronger, healthier and nourished eyelashes in just thirty days. Relash accelerates natural growth and strengthens eyelashes from the root, as well as preventing them from falling out. To be tried immediately.

This article was originally published on Harper’s Bazaar Italy

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