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13 things foreigners do that make Spaniards feel really awkward

Walking around barefoot in public is a big no-no in Spain. Photo: Spaniards ..


Judge says Trump cant re-open Arctic waters that Obama closed to drilling

Enlarge / United States, Alaska, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Kaktovik, frozen lagoon and sea, p..


Watch as lightning caught on slow-motion during thunderstorm

RATHER than running for shelter as wild weather lashed the Central West on Wednesday, some people headed outdoors to take photos and videos. The Bureau of


Thousands more Scout leaders accused of sexual abuse than previously known

The Boy Scouts identified more than 12,000 alleged victims in that time period, from 1944 through 20..


London Anniversary Games: The “make or break” state of athletics

Athletics, both in the United Kingdom and worldwide, sits in a precarious position at the moment. Wi..


Obesity and depression ‘hand-in-hand’ in children

Obese seven-year-olds are at greater risk of suffering emotional problems, such as anxiety and low m..


Manchester United squad openly joking about Paul Pogbas move to Real Madrid

The Frenchman is ready to push for a summer switch to the Bernabeu (Picture: Getty) Paul Pogbas Manc..

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Tribute to Ken Gunn, Scotlands master hotelier of the seas

The man who introduced luxury sailing to the world of Scottish hospitality has died at the age of 67..


Venezuelan Government Bans Guaidó From Running For Office Until 2034

5:59 PM 03/28/2019 | World Audrey Conklin | Reporter Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduros governme..


Cambridge Analytica whistleblower: Bannon ordered Putin messaging tests

WASHINGTON — Former Trump campaign manager and administration official Steve Bannon ordered Cambridg..